Marina and the Diamonds
Shampain (Acoustic)


So beautiful acoustically. 


Marina replying to youtube comments


AKA babes u should totally follow

(yup, i totally reused that edit)

so i wanted to make this since i hit 2k followers and i’m a little late but yeah here it is! everyone on this list has made my blogging experience (omfg that sounds so serious) amazing and fun (even if u’re not a ~just marina~ blog) and every single one of you is awesome and some of them are mutuals so thanks for following me! and if you don’t follow me you totally should thanks for being awesome anyways! love u!!

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i probably forgot a lot of people, sorry also let me know if i misspelled your url or you changed it! 

awww thank you so much bby ♡♡♡♡

i’m miss sugar pink liquor, liquor lips

Marina + faceless

Marina encourages kids to skip school

Hey! Only living, living in the dark. [x]